Parts Procurement; Deck Orders

Let us import your parts and deck essentials for you!

Organize to have your own part(s) and deck orders shipped to us in Grenada, where we can clear and deliver them straight to your yacht, or have us organize everything from ordering & shipping to landing, clearing and delivering to you.

If you decide to order your own part(s) ship them to the following address:

Address M/Y XXXXXXXX (Yacht In Transit)
c/o Claire Budhlall-Spronk
SPRONK Ltd. *Required.
True Blue Main Road,
True Blue,
St. George's.
Telephone (473) 435-6342 or 534-3688.

*It imperative that the Shipping Address has the name of the yacht on it, as a "Yacht in Transit" and also that the package is labeled "Ships' Spares in Transit".

As you are a "Yacht in Transit", you are essentially entitled to your "Ships' Spares in Transit" (which includes all items for the boat) duty-free; the only tariff that is payable is the Customs Service Charge (CSC), because although you are entitled to import your goods "duty-free", Customs still has to 'handle' your order and is thus entitled to a small Customs Service Charge, which is either 3% or 6% (depending on the nature of the shipment) of the value of invoice plus freight total.

There MUST be an ORIGINAL invoice accompanying the shipment and another important thing to know is, even if your item is a replacement / repaired part that is a Warranty Job, the accompanying invoice MUST bear a value, even though there is no cost to you. This is because Customs must have a value on which to calculate the Customs Service charge that they are entitled to - obviously they cannot calculate anything on a zero invoice – therefore even if there is no cost to you for the item(s), the invoice MUST have a value on it. If it is a repair job under warranty, then please put the ‘value’ of the repair job on the invoice. It is also helpful if it is certified on the invoice that the item is under warranty & is being replaced / repaired at no cost to you. Also, ensure that the name of your yacht, as a "Yacht in Transit", is clearly printed on the invoice.

Please ensure that the invoice DOES NOT say anywhere on it "Value for Customs Purposes Only" or "No Commercial Value" or "Proforma Invoice" - it can ONLY say "Invoice". If it bears terms other than simply "Invoice", Customs will think that they are not getting the correct value of the shipment and thus WILL NOT ACCEPT your invoice, which will then mean a DELAY in receiving your shipment until a proper invoice is issued.

Please note that we can only clear your shipments at the much-reduced Ships’ Stores rate once you have Cleared into the country, so do not send your shipments too far in advance as you will accrue storage charges (albeit minimal) with the shippers

We can organize to receive and send packages for you via courier service. Our local couriers are:

  • Federal Express
  • DHL
  • UPS (receiving only)

For receiving shipments via courier, please take careful note of the invoicing notes on this page

For sending a package, we will collect it from your yacht & send it for you via your courier of choice. Please ensure that the Recipient's Address you give us is complete and clear and you must also provide a telephone number for the Recipient, as most couriers require this.

We would suggest using FedEx, as your preferred choice of courier, for both sending and receiving packages, as they are definitely the most reliable courier when it comes to Grenada